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Leadership Conference
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Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
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Leadership Conference

Panel Two :: The Referent Leader

The Referent Leader:  Building Relationships in the Age of Technology

Technology enables anyone to connect with people next door and around the globe without ever leaving the office.  In what ways does technology affect the trust and influence leaders garner with others?  Every leader is supported by an organization of individuals without whom he is obsolete.  As such, for the leader, the relationships he forms with subordinates, colleagues, and overseers alike are of utmost importance. Connectedness within an organization breeds trust, unity, and productivity. How then, in an interconnected world where superficial relationships are formed with a click, does the leader balance building rapport both personally and online?  Since, technology is unbound by distance but not time, the good leader must balance his accessibility both on and off-line in order to develop authentic relationships.

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