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Leadership Conference

2021 Conference Staff

  • Jarczyk, Elizabeth

    Director LCDR Elizabeth Jarczyk is the Officer in Charge of the Leadership Conference. She currently teaches courses in the Leadership Department. LCDR Jarczyk has spent the last eleven years in the Navy as a Judge Advocate.
  • LCDR_Jarczyk_photo.jpg

  • Pak, Alexis

    Chairman Midshipman First Class Alexis Pak is a Robotics and Control Engineering major from Clarksburg, Maryland. As Chairman, she oversees the conference’s midshipmen staff and is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the conference. At the Naval Academy, Alexis is on Navy Spirit and also a member of the Protestant Midshipmen Club and the Korean American Midshipman Association. Alexis is a proud member of 29th Company who enjoys thoroughly reviewing every restaurant she dines in.
  • Chair_Pak.jpg

  • Downing, Elizabeth

    Vice-Chairman Midshipman First Class Elizabeth Downing is from West Lafayette Indiana, and is a Mathematics with Economics major. She is also the captain of the Varsity Women's Rowing team. In her free-time, Elizabeth is a BIG snow skier!
  • ViceChair_Downing.jpg

  • Brosnan, Jack

    Delegates Officer Midshipman First Class Jack Brosnan is a Computer Science major with a minor in French. He is from Westchester, Pennsylvania and a member of 20th company. As Delegates Officer, he is responsible for inviting the delegates from schools from across the country to the conference. Jack enjoys watching the New York Mets play in his free time.
  • Delegates_Brosnan.jpg

  • Zaharakis, Konstandinos

    Speakers Officer Midshipmen First Class Dino Zaharakis is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and a member of the 20th Company. He is a Robotics and Control Engineering Major and an Intramural Football warrior. He is also a member of Cru. In his free time he enjoys playing chess.
  • Speakers_Zaharakis.jpg

  • Vise, Madison

    Operations Officer Midshipman First Class Madison Vise is from New Orleans, Louisiana and a member of 2nd Company. She is an Ocean Engineering major and a member of the Navy Endurance Team. In her free time, Madison enjoys discovering new music.
  • Ops_Vise.jpg

  • Bello, Alejandro

    Logistics Officer Midshipman First Class Alejandro Bello is from Tulsa, Oklahoma and a member of 25th company. He is an Quantitative Economics major and a member of the Midshipman Action Group. In his free time, he enjoys SCUBA diving and traveling!
  • Logistics_Bello.jpg

  • Scowcroft, James

    Finance Officer Midshipman First Class James Scowcroft of New York City is a Nuclear Engineering major in the 17th Company. In his free time he enjoys skiing whenever he can.
  • Scowcroft.jpg

  • Silver, Michelle

    Internal Affairs Officer Midshipman First Class Michelle Silver is from Boca Raton, Florida and a member of the 9th Company. She is an honors major in Robotics and Control Engineering major and is a member of Women's Club Soccer. Michelle is also a proud member of the JMC, Tau Beta Pi, and he IWC Club. In her free time she enjoys hiking and wandering through nature with friends.
  • IntAffairs_Silver.jpg

  • Werren, Grace

    Curriculum Officer Midshipman First Class Grace Werren is a proud Buckeye from Canton, Ohio and a member of 13th Company. Grace is a Political Science major. She runs on the Navy Marathon Team, and takes part in MAG, Best Buddies, SHAPE, Active Minds and a few others ECAs. In her free time, she enjoys running, hiking or spending time with friends and family.
  • Curriculum_Werren.jpg

  • Gorti, Abhishek

    Tech Officer Midshipmen First Class Abhishek Gorti is from New Haven, Connecticut and a member of 9th Company. He is a Cyber Operations Major, an intramural warrior, and a member of the Mountaineering Club. In his free time, he enjoys scuba diving.
  • Tech_Gorti.jpg

  • Smith, Crawford

    Public Affairs Officer Midshipman First Class Crawford Smith hails from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and is a proud member of 15th Company. He is a Chemistry Major, and a member of both the Club Water Polo and the Club Jiu Jitsu teams. In his free time, Crawford likes to go hiking in nature!
  • M216252-Smith.jpg
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