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Leadership Conference

2022 Conference Panels

Panel 1: Global Perspectives on Resilience

Description: These three speakers, each from different backgrounds and countries, will discuss how resiliency plays a role in their cultures around the world. This panel will get into how resilience is fostered in their cultures and unique experiences they have had in regards to resilience. 


  • Morris Kabuye; Program Director at Work for Life
  • Qusay S Hussein, M.S.W.; Motivational Speaker
  • Hafizah Radmanesh; Pre-Med Student & Public Health Advocate

Panel 2: Combat Resilience Through and Out of the Fight

Description: Combat Resilience Through and Out of the Fight will discuss how one maintains the drive and resilience to complete the mission when things do not go according to plan. The panelists will also discuss how one fosters a culture of resilience after the mission has concluded- one that allows them to truly return home.


  • CDR Andrew Ledford, USN, P.h.D.; SEAL; Permanent Military Professor & Chair of the USNA Leadership, Ethics and Law Dept.
  • Major Katie Cook, USMC (Ret.); First female Blue Angel Pilot
  • Major David Emison, USMC; Infantry Officer & USNA Leadership Instructor


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