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Leadership Conference

2021 Conference Panels

Panel 1: Organizational Culture: Constantly Adapting

Organizational Culture: Constantly Adapting features a diverse panel that delves into the dynamic challenges of inspirational leadership and culture. The panel will discuss how leaders react to shifts in culture in their organizations or teams. We will also highlight the importance of re-evaluating your culture and what it takes to start from the ground up.


Panel 2: Culture in High-Performing Environments

Culture in High Performing Environments will be led by professional athletes with both civilian and military backgrounds. Our focus will be the importance and impact of teams buying into a shared consciousness so that everyone in the organization benefits. We will discuss the elements of a “winning” culture and the importance of both the leadership and followership aspects of a team. We will relate the aspects of team sports to military units as well as private organizations, emphasizing how leaders can influence the performance of those around them.


Panel 3: Who Owns and Leads the Culture of a Unit

Who Owns and Leads the Culture of a Unit will discuss the importance of developing as well as balancing a healthy and productive environment. A panel of enlisted leaders will discuss how officers and enlisted personnel have the ability to influence their team’s culture and how that translates to their work and leadership. We would also like to consider the factors that signal a need for cultural shift and how one can inspire change in one's unit. The panel will highlight team values, beliefs in personal choices, and how a winning culture equips its members to pursue success beyond the job description.

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