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Leadership Conference
Group picture Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
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Leadership Conference

Panel One

The Conscientious Leader: Operating within the Realm of Perception 

Perception is reality, or at least must be treated that way.  With public personas, past and present, just one click away, social technology invariably influences one’s ability to lead.  If a leader’s greatest tool is himself, then he ought to adhere to a leadership style authentic to his own character.  So, in his pursuit of authenticity, he must remain conscious of the way he presents himself both in person and in the virtual world.  External sources have boundless freedom in forming a public image of the leader—whether a true reflection or not. The reputation the leader forms with his people, the imprint he leaves on social outlets, and the perceptions that are created from other sources either degrade or enhance a leader’s ability to genuinely connect with others and to lead inspirationally.

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