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Leadership Conference
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Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
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Leadership Conference

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In an interconnected world, technology surrounds us in each and every facet of our lives. The 2015 Naval Academy Leadership Conference recognizes that technology is both ever-present and transcendent. As a result, today’s world is more accessible and interconnected than ever before. This technological web that encircles the globe is represented by a sphere of binary code, depicting how even simple ones and zeroes can transform the seemingly ordinary into the extraordinary. This ostensibly simple system allows for emails to send, online programs to function, and in this particular case reads “NALC15.”

Technology provides vast improvements and luxuries in the modern age, yet none of these are possible without the human element. The human arm protruding from the globe symbolizes how technology permeates the bounds of our daily lives, but that humanity remains at the core of leadership. Without the human element that leadership provides, technology’s benefits are futile. The necessity of strong relationships in the technological era is depicted by the trident breaking through and rising above technology’s omnipresent influence. In an interconnected world, authentic leadership thrives when leaders maintain a strong grasp on the organization’s culture and its people while properly wielding the benefits of technology. When humanity properly utilizes technology, the resultant power is immense.

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