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Leadership Conference
Group picture Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
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Leadership Conference

Panel Three

Leading Across Enterprises

The infrastructures of business, education, government, and the military operate interdependently.  By cultivating symbiotic relationships with those outside of their own enterprise, leaders may further the prosperity and growth of themselves, their people, and their organizations.  When leaders develop these cross-industry relationships it can lead to further success within their enterprise as well as effectively translate to others.  Moreover, the foundations of such relationships and the united strategies they produce will better equip society to conquer both the present and future spectrum of challenges.

Panel Speakers


Joe Campa

11th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy



William "Red" Whittaker

Considered the father of field robotics and founder of RedZone Robotics



Brennan Hogan

Program Manager for LMI's Acquisition and Product Support Group

chris straw

Christine Straw

Mediator, facilitator, coach, and trainer with 20-plus years of management experience in government, corporate, non-profit, and educational sectors

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