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Computer Science Department

CS Elective Tracks

CS Elective Tracks offer the opportunity for students to earn special recognition and attain greater depth in a given area of study by taking three related electives.

Completing a CS elective sequence is not required for graduation; however, because three major electives are required in the SCS matrix, it is possible to complete an elective sequence without overloading. Students may also complete more than one elective sequence and will receive recognition for each sequence completed.

The department currently offers three tracks to choose from, as detailed below. Each elective track has one required course and multiple elective courses. To complete the track, you must take the required course and at least two of the other electives, for a total of three courses.

Students who complete a track will receive a certificate at graduation and have their name listed on this website.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) elective sequence is intended for those Computer Science and Information Technology majors interested in pursuing depth in the areas of AI and ML.  Our goal is to leverage the department’s significant faculty expertise in AI to graduate officers who are highly competent in using, interpreting, and creating solutions to real-world problems using techniques from these powerful and transformative fields.
Required course: SI420 Artificial Intelligence
And at least two electives:

  • SI425: Natural Language Processing
  • SI458: High Performance Computing
  • SI470: Machine Learning and Data Science
  • SI475: Intelligent Robotics
  • SI485: Big Data Computing & Storage

Software Development

This track will help students learn the skills needed to develop modern, performant, and usable applications, especially for the web and mobile platforms.

Required course: SI350 (or IT350) Web & Internet Programming
And at least two electives:
  • SI436: Distributed Systems 
  • SI440 (or IT360): Database Systems
  • SI458: High Performance Computing  (can count in this track for class of 2024 and 2025)
  • SI460: Computer Graphics
  • IT472: Mobile OS Development
  • IT452: Adv Web & Internet Systems

Computer Security

This track introduces students to the fundamental programming concepts needed to develop secure software and networked systems.

Required course: SI456 Information Assurance or IT430 Computer & Network Security
And at least two electives:
  • IT432: Advanced Computer and Network Security
  • IC411: Operating Systems
  • SI350 (or IT350): Web &Internet Programming
  • SI459: Binary Analysis & Exploitation
  • SI486M: Randomness and Computation
  • SI486I: Blockchain Programming
  • SM468: Crypto, Codes & Info Security
  • SY418: Modern Digital Forensics

*Note, the SI350(or IT350) Web & Internet Programming course may double-count for both this and the software development track.

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