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Computer Science Department

Data Science Courses

Required Courses

  • SD211 Data Science & Programming I
  • SD212 Data Science & Programming II
  • SM263 Applied Linear Algebra
  • SD311 Data Structures & Scalability
  • SM317 Statistical Learning
  • SD321 Data Storage
  • SD312 Machine Learning
  • SD322 Human Data Interaction
  • SD411 Big Data Computing
  • SD475 Data Science Capstone
Course Matrix for SDS

Course Matrix for SDS

Click the above picture to access the full SDS matrix.

Core Courses

(required for all freshmen)

  • SY110 Introduction to Cyber Security Technical Foundations
  • SM239 Probability and Statistics I

Restricted Electives

SDS majors must take at least one elective from within the Computer Science and Math Departments and one from outside those departments.

List of elective courses coming soon.

Unrestricted Electives

In addition to two restricted elective, SDS majors must take at least two other electives from those offered. Courses will be offered by the Oceanography, Electrical Engineering, History Departments, and more.

List of elective courses coming soon.

Students should expect that not all the courses listed will actually be offered (due to small enrollments). Those students will be expected to select an alternate choice if the course is unavailable.

Non-Majors Courses

SI286 Programming for Everyone

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