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Computer Science Department

Summer Internship Opportunities

2022 Internship List

*Summer 2022 internship applications are open, to apply click here*

If you have a question about a specific internship, please contact the POC listed. However, you should not email the POC to advertise yourself.  


Battelle Memorial Institute, software engineering (Columbus, OH or Chantilly, VA)
  • The Software Engineering intern will support Battelle's National software requirements. This group specializes in the design, development, test, and production of complex electronics and software systems. This internship will involve design and development of software for a variety of commercial and government applications. Battelle is involved in projects from threat detection identification to autonomy advanced robotics and cyber trust assurance algorithm development. Students will work with industry scientists and experts to help solve real-world computer science problems.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C in the CS, CE, ECE, EE majors; 3.0 or higher QPR, programming experience (C, C++, C# or Java) and experience with Windows, LINUX, scripting languages and algorithms. Contact USNA faculty POC for project information.
  • POC: Assoc Prof Seung Geol Choi
Cyber Reliant Corporation in Annapolis, MD, Computer Security Software Development
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C in the CS, IT, or EE majors. Must have considerable programming experience and the ability to work independently with new technologies. Desirable for the applicant to have an interest in computer security and networks, with relevant coursework. For EE majors, desired applicant should have knowledge in the radio frequency space and on radio frequency modulation.
  • POC: Maj Eric Wikman
DoD High Performance Computing Center (Maui, HI and Stennis Space Center, MS)
  • This internship will involve in-person research on High Performance Computing hardware (HPC). Scientific advances in several fields have been hampered by a lack of computing power to satisfy their heavy processing requirements. Artificial Intelligence, as an example, has recently made great advances in building intelligent systems that learn from and interact with the world. However, the state-of-the-art frequently hits a computing barrier that prevents further progress without new approaches that can utilize large parallel computation systems. The DoD has built a host of such systems, managed by the High Performance Computing program. This internship brings together USNA research with midshipmen training on state-of-the-art facilities. It introduces midshipmen to HPC research and DoD capabilities.
  • Requirements:CS major or in a related computing discipline or engineering major with computation. Must have completed basic math and intermediate CS courses. It will be useful for applicants to have completed courses in artificial intelligence or high performance computing.
  • POC: Assoc Prof Nate Chambers
Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA, Design, Development and Testing multiple projects
  • The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc. (Draper Lab), is a non-profit engineering/technology research and development firm located next to the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA. Draper Lab has a close relationship with academic research at MIT, as well as a very close relationship with the United States Navy. For decades, technology developed by Draper Lab has supported a variety of manned and unmanned systems operated by the Navy, including various elements of the Navy’s ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) program. Each year, USNA partners with Draper Lab to support a robust summer internship program. Midshipmen work alongside small teams of professional engineers/researchers to solve a variety of challenging, cutting-edge problems. This work/research involves system design, development, and testing, as well as the exploration of new/revolutionary concepts. Opportunity for independent or honors research as a follow-on during academic year. Applicants can apply here (applicants are asked to fill out the CS Department form as well).
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C in Engineering and Weapons or Math and Science major. Applicant will be reviewed for AOM, OOM and must have demonstrated technical aptitude. Interests must align with Draper research areas. Applicants should have an interest in engineering/computing research and development processes. Some programming experience is desired. Block 2 only.
  • POC: Maj Eric Wikman
General Electric in Cincinnati and West Chester, OH
  • Interns will bring together data science solutions and product quality code to see how data can impact the aviation business. They will generate Machine Learning (ML) models for forecasting demand, work towards developing network models and work to implement intermediate solutions along the long term business roadmap. Interns will see how these modesl and data impact repair networks and overhaul turn around times and cost.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C CS, IT, or CE major.
  • POC: CAPT Rick Sarmento
Lockheed Martin Corporation (Fort Worth, TX | Orlando, FL | Littleton, CO)
  • This internship is with the defense contractor, Lockheed Martin. During the internship, the midshipmen will explore and improve the state of the art in artificial intelligence and human interaction, including cognitive decision aids for missile defense planning and battle management. They may also play the parts of red and blue battle planners and battle managers. Initially they will face AI opponents. Then they will work with the AI cognitive decision aids to face human and AI opponents. Further, they may gather metrics and provide requirements and suggestions to help improve the AI/human interface and operational concepts, as well as help advance technology by working side by side with Lockheed Martin AI and human interface engineers. The following projects are available:
    • Prepar3D Cloud-based Persistent Training Environment (2 MIDN - Orlando, FL)
    • AI Impacts on EW (2 MIDN - Fort Worth, TX)
    • Image Data Truthing (1 MIDN - Littleton, CO)
    • Object Level Change Detection (1 MIDN - Littleton, CO)
    • Moving Targets (1 MIDN - Littleton, CO)
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C CS, IT, CE, or possibly math (case by case; project dependent) majors. Applicants must have strong C++ and Python programming skills. AI, ML, and HPC skills are recommended. Applicants should have necessary coursework to contribute to the project.
  • POC: Assoc Prof Seung Geol Choi
Naval Postgraduate School - Strategic and Tactical Wargaming for Nuclear Weapon Deployment
  • This internship will introduce students to military wargaming with an emphasis on designing a wargame involving non-strategic nuclear weapon employment. Dr. Robert Burks will serve as the primary supervisor, and he will guide a joint group of cadets and midshipmen through basic wargame design. The internship will conclude with the students designing and play testing a wargame which they develop. The goal of the internship is to provide students a basic understanding of military wargaming so that they can apply lessons learned ot academic year research projects.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C CS or IT majors with strong programming and documentation skills with supporting coursework and an interest in the nuclear community.
  • POC: CAPT Rick Sarmento
Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC - SIMDIS Data Visualization with a Geo-Data Scenario Conversion
  • The Naval Research Lab (NRL) developed a data visualization tool called SIMDIS that is designed to visualize time-tagged geo data. It is commonly used by test ranges to display live or reconstructed flight test events - showing where aircraft, ships, or ground vehicles were and where their antennas were pointed. NRL has recently completed some field tests that now require deeper data analysis to be able to visualize where all of their sensors and antenna beams were pointing. This internship will work directly with real-world time-tagged geo data (in various formats), develop software to convert the data, and run the SIMDIS tool on it.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C in a computer programming based major, CS or IT recommended. Desirable MIDN has scripting knowledge and computer programming skills in multiple languages. This is a local internship, participants will reside in Bancroft Hall and make a daily POV commute.
  • POC: Assoc Prof Nate Chambers
NOAA - Data Science and Computing in Silver Spring, MD
  • This internship will involve hands-on computing projects related to current activities within NOAA. Participants will interact with NOAA employees from their High Performance Computing group, computational weather forecasting group, and NOAA liaisons to the Navy and Marine Corps. Midshipmen will work with NOAA engineers to learn how their computer software works, contribute code to their systems, analyze weather-related datasets in a software environment, and learn how NOAA contributes to the Navy's mission.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C CS or IT majors. Rising 3/C with validations and a strong academic record may be considered. Applicants are expected to have programming abilities in multiple languages. This is a local internship, participants will reside in Bancroft Hall and make a daily POV commute.
  • POC:CDR Ken Maroon
PEOIWS X Integrated Combat Systems at the Forge Innovation Hub in College Park, MD - Software development of mission applications for surface combatants
  • Intern will support a team of software engineers and developers as part of the Forge Innovation Hub, the Navy's surface combatant software factory, located in College Park, MD. Agile Software Development of mission applications for surface combatants. Interns will become members on one of the several Product Teams based on their experience and educational backgrounds. Projects include: tactical Platform as a Service infrastructure, combat systems display software, a web-based scheduling tool, and battle management tactical decision-making software. They will work in three week software development sprints and will deliver working software at the completion of each sprint.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C and 2/C CS majors with a strong computer software development background. Applicant will be working with a software engineering team on 'big navy' software development. This is a local internship, participants will reside in Bancroft Hall and make a daily POV commute.
  • POC:CAPT Rick Sarmento
Rebellion Defense in Washington, DC and possibly Seattle, WA - Software Engineering
  • Rebellion Defense is a private company that focuses on supporting DoD projects, especially in the area of Machine Learning. They currently have three major initiatives in this area. Midshipmen will work with project team members, contributing both code and design ideas, as well as interacting with project customers. Midshipmen will gain insights into cutting-edge technologies in Data Science, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Web Development, and Agile Design.
  • Requirements: Rising 1/C or 2/C CS or IT majors with a 3.0 or above QPR. Must have software development experience using tools in a LINUX operating environment. Desirable to have experience with web and scripting languages, tools such as Git, AI/ML programming, CI/DI and Cloud development. This is a local internship, participants will reside in Bancroft Hall and make a daily POV commut.
  • POC: CDR Ken Maroon
Government Agencies
Many government agencies provide funded summer internships. Below are some of the major internships, and most of these agencies will provide internships for CS/IT students during the upcoming summer. Check with the department for an up to date list. There are often other opportunities that aren't listed here.

To be considered for one of the CS internships, you must:

  • Be a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy
  • Be academically satisfactory
  • Have a cumulative QPR of 3.0 or higher
  • Be current with all cruise/summer training requirements

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