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Computer Science Department

Department Goals & Educational Objectives

1. Curriculum

Goal - Provide exciting and challenging curricula that will meet the needs of our students, the fleet, and our accreditation criteria. The computer science and information technology curricula must reflect those requirements needed to maintain accreditation, provide midshipmen with strong theoretical and practical foundations, and be flexible enough to accommodate the latest topics of interest the fields.

2. Faculty

Goal - Support computer science faculty members in all areas of professional growth. Maintain a diverse and qualified faculty with a mixture of military and civilian personnel. Civilians must be given the opportunity to remain proficient in their disciplines through research opportunities and sabbaticals. Military members must be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and warfare specialty skills to the greatest extent possible. All faculty must be pedagogically proficient. The department must support the process leading to tenure and promotion.

3. Students

Goal - Meet the educational needs of midshipmen and prepare them for military careers by maintaining challenging and rewarding majors, promoting appropriate yard-wide service courses, and establishing an atmosphere in which learning can flourish and develop into a passion and commitment to lifelong learning. Computer Science and Information Technology majors should learn not only the fundamentals of computing, but also the necessary skills for problem solving, logic, organization, and computer ethics.

Graduates of the Computer Science program will be evaluated with respect to the Computer Science Student Outcomes.

Graduates of the Information Technology program will be evaluated with respect to the Information Technology Student Outcomes.

4. Computer Science Program and Information Technology Program Educational Objectives

Within a few years after graduation and commissioning, our graduates will have applied skills and problem-solving abilities to solve tactical Navy and Marine Corps problems.
Within a few years after graduation and commissioning, our graduates will have communicated effectively, in both oral and written form, about computer technology to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Within a few years after graduation and commissioning, our graduates will have practiced the ethical, legal, and social implications of computing consistent with Navy and Marine Corps core values.
Within a few years after graduation and commissioning, our graduates will have grown through self-study, continuing education and professional development that are relevant to officers and scientists.
Student Outcomes
  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (CS-6) (CS-7) (IT-6)
PEO 1 X X X  X X X  
PEO 2     X       X
PEO 3            
PEO 4           X    

5. Institutional Facilities and Support

Goal - Maintain continuous and open communications between all areas of the Academy, including other academic departments, the Commandant's office, and the administration. Provide feedback to the administration and other institutional departments in order to ensure the adequacy of departmental expense budgets, classrooms and equipment, and faculty offices.
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