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Computer Science Department

Events in Computer Science


New GPU Hardware

Dr. Chambers

In January 2019, in an effort led by Associate Professor Nate Chambers of Computer Science, the Center for High Performance Computing brought online a new state-of-the-art GPU machine that provides more computational power in a single unit than any other machine on the Yard. This advanced computer is available to faculty and midshipmen studying neural networks and performing other GPU-enabled research.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Research

In May 2019, Prof. Chambers' research group on Natural Language Processing, including collaborators from UMBC, UT Austin, and Stony Brook, learned that it won a $4 million award from DARPA to pursue advanced research in the area of "Knowledge-directed Artificial Intelligence Reasoning over Schemas," which builds on novel methods pioneered by Dr. Chambers.

University of Maryland Big Data Challenge

Big Data challenge

In February 2019, led by Associate Professor Gavin Taylor of Computer Science, 21 midshipmen from a variety of majors participated in the University of Maryland Big Data Challenge, a hackathon focused on Data Science and Machine Learning.

NSA Cyber Exercise

2019 NSA Cyber Exercise

In April 2019, 36 midshipmen traveled to The US Air Force Academy to participate in the annual NSA Cyber Exercise, which included all service academies plus teams from several ROTC schools as well as US Cyber Command. The USNA team took second overall, including first place in Cyber Policy and Secure Software development, as well as second in Forensics and Big Data Analysis and third in the Live Fire exercise. The USNA team "JohnPwnJones" (above) competed in all modules and was led by 1/c Douglas Alpuche (Computer Science), 1/c Sam Teplov (Cyber Science), 1/c Brandon Sipes Computer Science), 1/c Kristina Bodeman Computer Science), and 2/c Caroline Sears (Computer Science).

Midshipmen Train Cyber Operators in Hawaii

CST Hawaii Training

Midshipmen 1/c Lucas Foppe (ECE), 1/c Danny Flack (SCS/SIT dual), and 2/c Lamont Brown (SCS) of the USNA Cyber Security Team (CST) traveled to Hawaii in October 2016 to provide some hands-on training in advanced network analysis to a group of military and civilian DoD cyber operators. The midshipmen prepared a course website, lecture material and notes, demos, exercises, labs, daily homework assignments, and review sessions for a two-day seminar conducted at Naval Station Pearl Harbor. Attendees included members of Navy Information Operations Command Hawaii, a Cyber Protection Team, National Security Agency (NSA) Hawaii, a USMC Radio Battalion, Navy Special Warfare Group Three, and the Coast Guard Cryptologic Group. The midshipmen discussed analysis techniques for identifying features in cellular and wireless traffic, part of their ongoing networks research, under the supervision of LCDR Jeremy Martin of Cyber Science and Captain Erik Rye (USMC) of Computer Science.

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Award for Supercomputing Advancement

CyberStakes 2015

U.S. Naval Academy Distinguished Visiting Professor of Information technology Dr. Carl Albing was recently recognized with a Significant Event Award along with his colleagues at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Albing and his team made notable efficiency improvements to Titan, a High Performance Computer (HPC) operated by the lab. Titan is 2nd fastest HPC system in the world, and #1 in the US, located at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) in Tennessee. A team of researchers at ORNL was investigating performance variability and reached out to Dr. Albing, who does research in the area of application placement. Together, the team devised and implemented a novel algorithm to segregate small, short-lived jobs from larger, longer-running jobs in hopes that this would reduce fragmentation and variability, and thereby provide more consistently faster runtimes.
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