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Midshipmen Development Center

Staffing and Supervision

The MDC clinical staff is comprised of five full-time psychologists, two of whom are active duty Naval Officers and three of whom are civilian. In addition, we employ a full-time dietitian. Although we are all generalists in our practice, one of our psychologists is a sports psychologist, one is an eating disorders specialist, and one is a trauma specialist. Additionally, our dietitian specializes in sports performance.

Supervisors are all licensed psychologists and are assigned at the beginning of the externship. Formal and informal feedback is provided, and evaluation forms are sent to the home programs of externs. Externs receive supervision on the psychotherapy process with their clients as well as record keeping, case conceptualization, DSM 5 TR diagnoses, and professionalism as a future psychologist. Supervision is constructive, supportive, goal-oriented, and at times, intensive. We help externs explore the role of their interpersonal experiences with their clients as part of the treatment process. As such, personal information may be disclosed in supervision. This, however, does not take the place of one’s own psychotherapy, and it should not feel like psychotherapy. Externs are encouraged to pursue their own treatment if their clinical work as an extern taps into personal issues.

Externs are expected to audio record their sessions with their clients. As the recordings never leave the MDC, these devices must remain in the MDC even when the extern is not present. The recording devices are provided by the MDC. 

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