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Peer Advisers are representatives within each company who are familiar with issues related to resilience and psychological health, and who can help other midshipmen get whatever help they need. The program is administered by the Brigade Resiliency Officer, a 3-striper position that is held by a 1/C midshipman for the full academic year. Peer Advisers are specifically asked to perform the following functions:  

  • Serve as an extra set of "eyes and ears" within the company, helping to identify those who might be in need of help.

  • Help midshipmen differentiate "everyday" problems from those requiring more immediate attention.

  • Help midshipmen get connected with appropriate resources on the yard.

  • Serve as an advocate for help-seeking within the company.

  • Provide training on resilience/mental health-related topics, as desired.

Peer Advisers are NOT:

  • A filter through which Midshipmen must pass to get help.  

  • An added resource, or a replacement for other services.

  • A trained counselor, chaplain’s assistant, or mental health provider.  

  • They must ensure they don’t take on problems beyond their level of expertise.

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