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Naval Academy Preparatory School
Chemistry formula photo

Chemistry Courses

There are three levels of Chemistry offered at NAPS. A variety of teaching methods are employed including, but not limited to, traditional lectures, group work, and demonstrations. Classes typically meet four days per week for 75 minutes per class.

Foundation Chemistry: Traditionally, about 50% of the NAPS Battalion will be placed* in Foundation Chemistry. This course runs at the pace and level of a rigorous high school course. The curriculum covers the topics found in traditional high school courses and also some that are in college courses.

Intermediate Chemistry: Typically 40% of the NAPS Battalion will be placed* in Intermediate Chemistry. The pace and level of this course is above that in an AP Chemistry course. The Intermediate Chemistry curriculum covers a wider range of topics than Foundation Chemistry and covers them to a greater depth.

Advanced Chemistry: About 10% of the NAPS Battalion will be placed* in Advanced Chemistry. This course is on par with a standard college-level General Chemistry course.

*Student placement is determined during NAPS INDOC and is largely based on student performance on the NAPS placement exams in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Scientific Reasoning.

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