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Naval Academy Preparatory School
NAPS with I-Day books


How do I apply to attend NAPS?

NAPS does not have an independent application process.

USNA makes all NAPS admission decisions based on applications to USNA. A small group of students attend NAPS bound for the USCGA. The parent program makes all admissions decisions.

How do I request a Transcript?
How do I request a copy of my DD214?

NAPS does not retain DD-214s.  DD-214s for NAPSters who matriculate to USNA are prepared by USNA Midshipmen Personnel.  Below is a link to fill out an SF-180 you can submit to locate your DD-214 from archives. 

How do I contact NAPS in case of emergency?

Contact the Command Duty Officer (CDO) at (401) 641-0752.

Where is the parents' webpage?

The parents' webpage is a Facebook page located here:

How do I contact a student?

The mailing address for the students is as follows:

___ Company, ___ Platoon
Naval Academy Preparatory School
440 Meyerkord Avenue
Newport, RI 02841
A student's email address consists of the letter "c" concatenated with their alpha code.
Alpha Code: 151280
How do I contact a staff member?

Staff members can be reached by calling (401) 841-6966. You will then be transferred to the appropriate extension. Email contact information may be requested from the secretary.

What is the Midshipman/Cadet Candidate Sponsor Program?

The sponsor program provides students of the Naval Academy Preparatory School an opportunity to develop and benefit from an informal environment with civilian and military members of the Newport community. Sponsors make available to the candidates, a home away from home during their year at NAPS. For many candidates, who may be away from home for their first time, sponsorship can make the difference in their success at NAPS. These young students are able to mature both personally and socially. Sponsorship can involve providing transportation, sharing home cooked meals, and allowing privacy for candidates to nap, study, use the phone, listen to music or watch movies in a private home away from the base. We have found that many sponsors have developed rewarding and lasting friendships with the candidates. Sponsors are invited to sporting events and other activities at NAPS held throughout the year.

What criteria are used to select sponsors?

A sponsor should live within 25 miles of NAPS and have a positive attitude about the military. Military sponsors should hold the rank of E-7 and above to provide insight into what might be expected of a junior officer in the Naval Service. Since NAPS is looking for sponsors who are willing to open their hearts and homes to a candidate, it would be inconvenient to travel more than 25 miles.

What are the steps to become a sponsor?
Click here to complete our online application. Candidates may be requested by name, hometowns, athletic interests or hobbies. Sponsors will have an excellent opportunity to mentor their candidates and perhaps meet his or her parents during Parent's Weekend in October.
How many candidates can I sponsor?

Members of the Newport community may sponsor as many candidates as they wish. However, two or more candidates are recommended as they tend to be more relaxed and visit more often when another classmate is present. Five candidates is a recommended maximum.

When can candidates see their sponsors?

Candidates are allowed to depart NAPS only while on liberty or during authorized leave periods. Liberty is typically granted on Fridays (1600 to 2400), Saturdays (0900 to 2400), and Sundays (0900 to 1830). These times are subject to change. Students with higher GPAs may have weeknight liberty or weekend overnight liberty.

Developing a successful relationship with your candidate

Veteran sponsors provide this advice for all new sponsors: At the very start of the relationship, set some ground rules for your house. Candidates are young adults and are at a formative and impressionable period of their lives. These ground rules help define expectations, eliminate misunderstandings and establish the foundation for a successful relationship.

Sponsor responsibilities

Sponsors are a vital link in the social development of the candidates. They provide a tie to the local community as well as encouragement, relaxation, and hospitality. By establishing rules of the house, sponsors help the candidates grow and mature in a positive environment, learning social skills along the way. The Naval Academy Preparatory School requests that any difficulties or positive comments be reported to our Sponsor representative. Involvement in the program is voluntary and may be terminated at any time. Sponsors will not receive an allowance or reimbursement from the Naval Academy Preparatory School.

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