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Naval Academy Preparatory School
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Writing on whiteboard photo
Looking towards the sky
Physics course masthead
Physics course masthead
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Looking towards the sky

Physics Division


The goals of the Physics courses at NAPS are to enhance each Midshipman Candidate’s understanding of the fundamental laws which govern the physical world. Each class is designed to help each student become set up for success when moving on to the United Stated Naval Academy (USNA). Emphasis is put on developing the ability for Midshipman Candidates to logically setup, analyze and answer questions to a wide variety of physical phenomenon. In tandem, focusing on proper algebraic skills and manipulation to arrive at results is also an important skill instilled in all classes.

Physics Division Mailing Address

NAPS (Physics Division)
ATTN: Dr. Bleiweiss
440 Meyerkord Avenue
Newport, RI 02841
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