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Naval Academy Preparatory School

Course Levels

There are three levels of Physics Courses offered at NAPS. A variety of teaching methods are employed including, but not limited to, traditional lectures, demonstrations, peer-instruction, computer animations, laboratory activities and real-time interactive response systems (iClicker). Classes typically meet four days per week for 75 minutes per class.

  1. Foundation Level: This level encompasses the majority of the student body. It is a traditional algebra-based Physics course, typically focusing on the core topics which are absolutely essential to having a basic understanding of Newtonian Physics and Electromagnetism. The pace of the course is slower to allow more time for each topic and to emphasize the fundamental physics and algebra skills.

  2. Intermediate Level: Also algebra-based, but more moderately-paced and covering a wider range of topics than Foundation. Students must have a solid foundation of algebra skills, which allows for more in-depth analysis of topics.

  3. Advanced Level: A calculus-based course, on par with an introductory college-level Physics course. The faster pace and higher level mathematics allows for more rigorous coverage of almost all major topics, especially some of the tougher topics in electromagnetism. All students of this course (and occasionally some from Intermediate Physics) are given the opportunity to test out of SP211/212 at USNA.

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