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Naval Academy Preparatory School
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For nearly a century, the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) has been preparing students to develop learning skills that ensure academic success at the Academies. The academic development at NAPS is a demanding engagement to all students offered this rare and rich opportunity. This is a privilege to significantly improve learning in a rigorous academic program that uses the benefits of discipline fostered from a focused military climate and the demands of physical fitness and varsity athletic programs. Attention to the whole person makes this program one of the most rewarding challenges one can experience in the pursuit of personal excellence and service to country.

Students who enter NAPS come from a wide range of backgrounds. All are considered well equipped with the potential ability to become improved learners so that they are able to academically address the rigorous, demanding, and fast paced courses at their Academy. The curriculum is tailored to ensuring optimal preparation in the very courses that provide the greatest challenge to success, i.e., English composition, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. Improving one's writing ability is an omnipresent necessity. Developing the problem solving skills in mathematics and sciences is a nontrivial challenge that all students must master in order to address these formidable courses at the Academies.

NAPS is a one-year post-secondary school. Generally, candidates attend class 18 hours per week. Classes are 75 minutes long. A 75 minute extra instruction period occurs each afternoon. Study hours are from 1900 to 2200. Each faculty member is available to students each afternoon for extra instruction and supplemental instructors are available during the evening study hours.

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