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Naval Academy Preparatory School
Sculpture in front of building at NAPS photo
NAPS group photo
NAPS group photo
NAPS group photo

Mathematics Home


Provide the best possible preparation for all students to take three semesters of Calculus at USNA, regardless of their preparation prior to attending NAPS, in order to support follow-on Mathematics courses, other USNA core courses, and other courses of interest.  The NAPS Mathematics program is designed to do this by

  • Reinforcing and improving students’ Mathematical skills to ensure a thorough grounding in Algebra, Trigonometry and the study of functions
  • Improving students’ ability to think critically within rule based boundaries to solve problems in a logical manner
  • Coordinating with study skills lessons to improve students’ study skills, organizational habits, and effective use of mathematics textbook
  • Improving students’ overall mathematical ability
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