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Naval Academy Preparatory School
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NAPS Sponsor Information

Thank you for reaching out about participation in the AY-24 NAPS Sponsor Program, 

 If you sponsored last year, in previous years, or would be new this year, I want to thank you, because the success of our students as future leaders is dependent on their success at NAPS.

The NAPS Sponsor Program has been established to provide a “home away from home” and an opportunity for NAPS students to relax and benefit from an informal relationship with members of the NAPS faculty/staff and local community area families.  For AY-24 students, 21% from the "Fleet" = Navy or Marine Corps.  79% are what we call "Directs", because they are coming from high school. They are young and impressionable.  Being their support structure over the course of their academic is vital for their success.

Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends, family, co-workers and one you know will be interested.  Whatever your reason for participating all sponsors will receive a Letter of Appreciation from NAPS.  If in the military, depending on your command's policy your time as a sponsor may qualify towards your MOVSM.   

Criteria for Sponsor Selection.   

  • Sponsors must reside within 1 hour from NAVSTA Newport. 
  • Sponsors must be at least 28 years old.
  • Military sponsors must be E-5 to E-9 or O-2 & above.
  • Retired military or faculty members, Officers assigned elsewhere, but living in the local area, local parents that currently have a student attending NAPS, and civilians residing in the area may volunteer to participate in the Sponsor Program.  

The policies for assignment of sponsors to students are as follows:  

  • Sponsors must complete the Sponsor Application to be considered for participation in the Sponsor Program.  Prospective sponsors may request a student or multiple students by name.  However, student requests will take precedence if a different sponsor is desired.  Applicants to the Sponsor Program will receive a prospective sponsor letter upon receipt of their application.
  • Only the adult members of a family will be considered for assignment as sponsors.
  • Sponsors may request to sponsor up to five students per year.
  • Sponsors will be notified via letter, when they have been selected to participate in the NAPS Sponsor Program.
  • Sponsors will be required to attend a mandatory orientation briefing no less than once every three years. 

Thank you!  Feel free to reach out to me via my office or mobile lines.  If you are on base, my office is on the first floor of Perry Hall.

LSCS(SW/AW) Nathan "Nate" Grant
Supply Officer
Sponsor Program Director
Naval Academy Preparatory School - Newport, RI
(401) 841-2677 - Office
(401) 787-5255 - Mobile
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