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Naval Academy Preparatory School

Visiting Team Base Access

The Naval Academy Prep School (NAPS) is located on Naval Station Newport, Newport, RI. All NAPS guests fall under CNICINST 5530.14A for entry onto Naval Station Newport. Compliance by Naval Station Newport and NAPS is mandatory.

NAPS will sponsor visiting team family members, guests for our home events. It is expect all guests will follow all Federal laws which govern Naval Station Newport and are enforced by Naval Station Security Officers. Failure to do so may result with you being escorted off base and denied further access to Naval Station Newport.

1. Do you have a DOD issued CAC card?
If yes, you may use your CAC card for entry onto Naval Station Newport.
2. Are you 17 years OR younger and a US Citizen?
If yes, you are not required to be vetted for entry onto Naval Station Newport.

If you answered NO to the above questions you will need to be vetted for entry onto Naval Station Newport.


Part One: The vetting process:

  1. Each person who wishes to enter Naval Station Newport MUST fill out Form SECNAV 5512.
    (Directions are included at the end of the form and below under Completing Form SECNAV 5512.)

  2. All forms must be sent to the NAPS Sponsor, Tyler Grayson, Athletic Director, NAPS.

  3. Coach Grayson,will email you when he opens and reviews your forms..

  4. Once your forms are correctly filled out, they will be sent to base security for the vetting process. This can take 7-10 working days.

  • If cleared you are eligible for entry onto Naval Station Newport and your name will be posted to the Bass Access Cleared List (located below).
  • If denied to Naval Station Newport, please review the attached "What to do if you are denied" attached instructions.

  1. Your forms will be destroyed after the results are received by Coach Grayson.
  2. Incorrect Forms - Any forms not filled out correctly will also be destroyed after Coach Grayson contacts you and requests you to correct the form and resubmit.
  3. Once vetted your cleance will last for 179 days. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO RESUBMIT A NEW FORM FOR VETTING AFTER THE 179 DAYS.

Completing Form SECNAV 5512

Please read the following directions BEFORE completing the form. The form must be fully completed and legible for Naval Station Security to accept for processing.

  • Blocks 1 through 12: Complete all requested information.
  • Block 13: Check social security number
  • Block 14 Social security number (required for vetting process to access base). DO Not fill in blocks 15, 16, 17, or 18. For non-citizens, please fill in your driver's license or passport numbers.
  • Block 19 through 24: Complete all requested Information.
  • Block 27: Write in purpose of your visit.
  • Block 28: Check Yes or No AND initial in space provided.
  • Block 29: Read then initial in space provided.
  • Block 30: Read then initial in space provided.
  • Block 31: Sign and date form

Email or mail the form to:


Tyler Grayson

NAPS Athletics
440 Meyerkord Ave
Newport, RI 02841

Scan and email the form – please understand you are sending personal information through  email or the US Mail. I am willing to work with everyone to make sure your information is fully protected. Once I receive it, only I and base security will see the information. After you are cleared I will destroy all forms and emails containing the information.

Questions – please call or email me at:


Part Two: Access to Naval Station Newport

  1. All family members and guests of the command or our midshipmen candidates must be vetted for access to Naval Station Newport before entering base (Part One).
  2. Base access will only be granted for NAPS events only (I-Day, athletic events, surgeries, holiday pickups, graduation).Base access will NOT be submitted for general visits. If you want to access the base for a general visit, please contact you midshipmen candidate about excorting you onto base.
  3. Weekdays during normal working hours – 0630 to 1530:
    1. You must report to the Pass Office to obtain a pass for entry.

  4. When arriving at the gate all visitors will be required to provide identity documents to the guard.
    1. Please review the  Acceptable Identity Proofing Documents 

    2. You will be denied access to Naval Station Newport WITHOUT proper identity documents regardless of your cleared status. You must prove who you are with proper documents for access.

    3. If your Drivers License has “Not for Federal Use” written on it you must bring an acceptable alternate ID for base access. 


  1. Fill out Form SECNAV 5512
    1. Submit to Coach Grayson – 60 Days before you desire access to Naval Station Newport.
    2. When you send in the form please note in your email or letter you are a non-citizen.


  1. The visiting team will be escorted by NAPS Athletic Games Management personnel.

  2. The NAPS Game Management Coach will escort the team from Gate 1 to the game site and remain with the team throughout their stay on Naval Station Newport.

  3. The Visiting Team Representative must work with NAPS Athletic Director to have all bus drivers, van drivers cleared before driving onto Naval Station Newport.
    Please have each driver fill out Form SECNAV 5512 and submit to the NAPS Athletic Director thirty (30) days before access to Naval Station Newport is required.

  4. Coaches, training staff and team members do not need to fill out the form, NAPS will escort them onto base.

Thanks,  Coach Grayson

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