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Naval Academy Preparatory School

Athletics & Physical Education Department

NAPS endorses a “whole person” approach to the development of each Midshipman Candidate.

Each afternoon during the academic year Midshipman Candidates are given the opportunity for individual and team physical training.  Midshipman Candidates are expected to improve their physical fitness during the academic year.

Each Midshipman Candidate will take the Naval Academy’s Physical Readiness Test four times.  This test will be used to judge improvement in personal physical fitness.  Extra instruction is available to all Midshipman Candidates who demonstrate a need for group or individual training through which to improve their fitness level.  As part of the physical education program, NAPS tests each Midshipman Candidate on their swimming abilities.  Midshipman Candidates who are non-swimmers are given individual instruction through the remedial swim program. 

The Athletic Department offers nine varsity sports throughout the academic year.  Each sport will offer open tryouts which Midshipman Candidates may compete.  You must be in good academic standing in order to participate on a NAPS athletic team.  Our athletic teams play a competitive schedule consisting of regional college JV teams, junior college and prep schools.

NAPS athletic facilities include Nimitz Field (football, lacrosse), McCool Track (track), Prichard Field (baseball, lacrosse), Gym 302 (basketball, wrestling and track).  Gym 302 also houses one of three weight rooms available to the Midshipman Candidates.  NAPS’ primary weight room is located in Kay Hall, next to Nimitz Field.  Midshipman Candidates are allowed to use the Naval Station Newport gym and fitness centers.  These facilities provide a wide range of physical activities and opportunities in which to improve physical fitness.

NAPS Sports Program Schedule

Fall Sports

  •      Football
  •      Cross Country (co-ed)
  •      Lacrosse

Winter Sports

  •      Wrestling
  •      Men’s Basketball
  •      Indoor Track (co-ed)

 Spring Sports

  •      Lacrosse
  •      Outdoor Track (co-ed)
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