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Naval Academy Preparatory School

Instructions and Notices

Number Subject Date
1301.4A NAPS TAD Officer 11Jan21
1400.1A NAPS Staff Mentorship Program 25Mar14
1400.2 Midshipman Candidate Mentorship Program 25Jun16
1500.2 Master Training Specialist (MTS) Program Request 14Oct15
1530.1A Responsibilities of Exam Proctors 17Dec18
1531.1D NAPS Academic Instruction 22Jun22
1531.2A NAPS Record Review and Performance Board 08Dec20
1600.1C  Standards of Conduct for NAPS Military Staff 28Oct21
1601.1X Command Duty Officer (CDO) Responsibilities and Duty Assignments 30Oct20
1601.2E Naval Academy Preparatory School Watch Standing 22Jun22
1610.1H 22Jun22
1610.2P  NAPS Battalion Honor Program 22Jun22
1610.5 Delegation of Reporting Senior Authority 9Oct20
1626.1C Captain's Mast 01Apr21
1650.1 End of Year Awards Instruction 5Apr17
1700.1A Diversity and Inclusion Society 22Sep17
1710.1 Morale, Welfare. and Recreation Program 25Mar21
1720.1B Suicide Prevention 16Feb21
1740.1 Command Sponsorship Program 1Jun17
1740.4A  Family Care Policy 19Sep17
1752.2E Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program 18Jun20
1754.2A Exceptional Family Member (EFM) Program 22Sep17
1900.1 Disenrollment Instruction 24Apr17
3051.1A NAPS Plan of the Day 01Apr21
3100.1A COVID-19 SOP 16Aug21
3143.1A NAPS Snow Removal Plan 13Jul21
3440.1 NAPS Emergency Action Plan 25Mar16
4730.1A  Zone Inspection 18Nov21
5100.12A Traffic Safety Program 19Jun14
5230.1 Policy For Use of Computer and Telecommunication Resources 09Aug18
5350.1B Naval Academy Prep School Community Relations Program 22Sep17
5350.5 Urinalysis Testing Program 14Jun12
5350.8A Battalion Alcohol Screening Using Hand-Held Alcohol Detection Device (ADD) 24Jun15
5400.1H  NAPS Midshipman Candidate Regulations 22Jun22
5401.1D NAPS Military Indoctrination Period 26May21
5450.3 NAPS Standard Organization and Regulations Manual 25Mar21
5512.1A Common Access Card (CAC) Issue 6Dec18
5720.1B NAPS Public Affairs Program 13Jul21
6100.1D Physical Mission and Extra Curricular Activity Instruction 20May21
6110.1A Policies and Procedures Governing Physical Fitness Training in Hot and Cold Weather 8Apr16
7010.3A Battalion Activities Fund Instruction 12Apr21
7420.10F  NBU Employee Time and Attendance 14Jul21
11320.1K Fire and Evacuation Bill 01Jun17
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