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Summer School Information and Schedules

General Information

The Academic Dean Notice regarding the Administration of Summer School is available online under Academics | Academic Dean | Rules and Regulations | Notices at: Additional info and useful links are also included here for convenience:

Frequently Asked Questions About Summer School

  • Q: When does summer school registration close?
    Midshipmen may enroll in a summer school course up until the day prior to the start of the course, pending space availability.
  • Q: How can a midshipman be registered in a summer school class in "Mandatory" status?
    Generally, mandatory status is attached to an enrollment by the the Academic Board or the Advisory Board. There are also certain varsity athletes [determined by the Commandant and the Athletic Director] who may be eligible for a special status that allocates summer school as a training block, however this special status does not apply to all varsity athletes. Mandatory status is not applied based on midshipmen requests.
  • Q: Can a midshipman drop a summer school class?
    A: If the midshipman is in "Mandatory" status for summer school, he/she may not drop the class, unless there is exceptional situation that precludes the midshipman from attending class (e.g., a medical condition).  If the midshipman is in "Voluntary" enrollment status, the midshipman may drop the course as long as training requirements are met and approved by the midshipman's chain of command.  In general, a midshipman previously enrolled in summer school may not drop the class in order to have an additional block of leave if he/she already has a block of leave scheduled during the summer.
  • Q: What are the maximum number of days of class that a midshipman may miss?
    A: Since each class day during summer school is the approximate equivalent of a week of class during the regular semester, it is imperative that a midshipman miss as few days as possible.  In general, no midshipman will be permitted to miss more than two days of class and still earn academic credit for the summer school class.

Points of Contact

The key points of contact for summer school are:

  • For Academic Issues:
    • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA),
      Dean Waters x3-1581
    • Director of Academic Advising,
      Prof Schmitt, x3-6888
  • For Logistics/Midshipmen/Other Issues:
    • Naval Academy Summer Programs (NASP) Officer,

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