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USNA Academic Abbreviations

Division Department Courses Majors
- Academic Dean DM (group study leadership) -

Division of

Engineering and Weapons (E&W)

Aerospace Engineering EA (aerospace engineering) EAS (Aeronautical Engineering)
EASA (Astronautical Engineering)
Electrical and Computer Engineering EE (electrical engineering) ECE(Computer Engineering)
(Electrical Engineering)
Mechanical Engineering EG (general engineering)
(mechanical engineering)
ER (nuclear engineering)
EGE (General Engineering)
EME (Mechanical Engineering)
ENR (Nuclear Engineering)
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering EN (naval engineering) ENA (Naval Architecture)
ENAH (Honors Naval Architecture)
EOE (Ocean Engineering)
EOEH (Honors Ocean Engineering)
Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering ERC (robotics and control engineering) ESEH (Honors Systems Engineering)

Division of

Mathematics and Science (M&S)

Chemistry SB (biology)
SC (chemistry)
SCH (Chemistry)
Computer Science IC (computer science core)
IT (information technology)
SI (computer science)
SCS (Computer Science)
SIT (Information Technology)
Cyber Sciences SY (cyber operations) SCY (Cyber Operations) 
Mathematics SA (operations analysis)
SGS (General Science)
SMA (Mathematics)
SMAH (Honors Mathematics)
SMO (Operations Research)
(Applied Mathematics)
SMPH (Honors Applied Mathematics)
SQE (Quantitative Economics)
Oceanography SO (oceanography) SOC (Oceanography)
SOCH (Oceanography with Honors)
Physics SP (physics) SPA (Applied Physics)
SPAA (Astrophysics)
SPH (Physics)

Division of

Humanities and Social Sciences


FE (economics)
SE (economics)

FEC (Economics)through class of 2017
FECH (Honors Economics) through class of 2017
FEQ (Economics) beginning with class of 2018
FEQH (Honors Economics) beginning with class of 2018
English HE (English) HEG (English)
HEGH (Honors English)
History HH (history) HHS (History)
HHSH (Honors History)
Language Studies

FA (Arabic)
FC (Chinese)
FF (French)
FG (German)
FJ (Japanese)
FL (Language, generic)
FR (Russian)
FS (Spanish)
FX (Language)

FA (Arabic)
FC (Chinese)
Political Science FP (political science) FPS (Political Science)
FPSA (American Politics and Law)
FPSC (Comparative Politics)
FPSI (International Relations)
FPSH (Honors Political Science)

Division of

Professional Development

Seamanship and Navigation NN (navigation)
NS (naval science)

Division of

Leadership Education & Development (LEAD)

Leadership, Ethics, and Law NE (ethics)
NL (leadership, psychology, law)
NP (philosophy)
- Physical Education PE (physical education) -
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