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Bancroft Hall

Midshipman Resources

Students at the Naval Academy have many opportunities to challenge and advance themselves through several special programs and resources. There are a multitude of resources to provide academic assistance to all midshipmen.

Popular Academic Resources for Midshipmen

Academic Support

Midshipmen seeking academic support for a class should first seek assistance from their instructor. Available supplementary assistance includes, but is not limited to the programs and resources summarized below.

  • The Class of 1963 Center for Academic Excellence ("The AcCenter")
    • Advanced Learning Skills Program - offers a variety of choices including learning skills courses, reading strategy courses, individual sessions, training workshops, and English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Learning Skills assistance is delivered through group classes or individual appointments and is available to all midshipmen, regardless of their academic standing.
    • Extra Help Instructional Classes
    • Midshipmen Group Study Program (MGSP) - Peer Tutoring
    • Professional Evening Tutoring
    • Writing Center
  • Math Lab
  • Plebe Chemistry Resources
  • Other departments often have additional schedule review or other support sessions scheduled to support midshipmen - check with the instructor and/or the department for more information.
  • The Midshipmen Development Center (MDC) offers a wide variety of training, educational, and clinical services to midshipmen to respond to individual needs and goals.

Special Programs

Midshipmen interested in participating in special academic programs should contact their academic adviser or the Senior Academic Adviser for their major. Approval or endorsement of the department chair may also be required in some cases.

Useful Additional Information

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