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SAEP Course Equivalents

The Table of Course Equivalents between USNA and Other US Service Academies has migrated to a Google Sheet (linked here)

The Table of Course Equivalents is intended as a convenience to assist midshipmen selected for the Service Academy Exchange Program and their advisers. It lists courses that exchange midshipmen may take at other service academies and the Naval Academy courses for which they will receive credit. Every course taken by midshipmen for credit at their host academy must have an approved equivalent at the Naval Academy. Indeed, a midshipman's Naval Academy transcript will list Naval Academy course numbers rather than the designations used at the host academy.

While an attempt will be made to keep this table current, it is NOT a guarantee that the courses listed will be offered at the host academy. Midshipmen should pay attention to the date of last revision of this table and verify that courses desired will be offered in the semester of the exchange. Courses do change from semester to semester. Midshipmen may receive credit for courses at their host academy even if not listed here, provided they receive written permission to do so from the chair of the cognizant department at the Naval Academy.

It is understood that despite the best plans, midshipmen may need to change their academic programs when they arrive at their host academies. Midshipmen should consult with their academic advisers and the chair of the department in which course credit is desired. When a change is made in a midshipman's academic program while the midshipman is at his/her host academy, it must be reported immediately to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs at the Naval Academy.

Additional information about the academic programs can be seen at the Service Academies page

Course Equivalents by USNA Department
Aerospace Engineering Department Courses (EA)
Chemistry Department Courses (SB, SC)
Computer Science Department Courses (IC, IT, SD, SI)
Cyber Science Department Courses (SY)
Economics Department Courses (FE, SE)
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Courses (EC, EE)
English Department Courses (HE)
History Department Courses (HH)
Language & Culture Department Courses (FA, FC, FF, FG, FJ, FL, FR, FS, FT, FX)
Leadership, Ethics & Law Department Courses (NE, NL, NP)
Mathematics Department Courses (SA, SM)
Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department Courses (EM, ER, EX)
Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department Courses (EN, EO)
Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department Courses (SO)
Physics Department Courses (SP)
Political Science Department Courses (FP)
Seamanship & Navigation Department Courses (NN, NS)
Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering Department Courses (EW)
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