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X-Period Exam Schedule - Term 221 (Fall 2021))

Note that most courses are expected to use their regularly-scheduled meeting times to administer exams.  However, some courses with multiple sections have requested to have a common time period to administer exams to help with exam administration and help maintain exam integrity.

The following courses have been approved to use the time period from 0655-0745 during the weeks of 27 Sep - 01 Oct and 01 - 05 Nov to administer exams: 






EE331 EC310 EE301 NN310 EN400
EN401 SY110 EM313 SC111 NN210
ER313 SC151

(Updated 20 August 2021. This schedule is accurate as possible, but may be subject to change.) 

* Note that scheduling conflicts have been minimized; however, a few midshipmen may have more than one x-period exam scheduled on a particular day. Department leadership should work directly with these midshipmen to arrange alternate exam times as appropriate. 


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