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School materials
School materials

USNA Core Curriculum *

Academic Division / Course Designator
Course Title Year in which course is typically taken
4/C 3/C 2/C 1/C
Engineering & Weapons
EA400/EN400/EN401 Principles of Ship Performance OR Engineering in the Littoral Zone OR Introduction to Aeronautics Fall or Spring
EC310/EC312 Applications of Cyber Engineering Fall or Spring
EM300 Principles of Propulsion Fall or Spring
EW300 Naval Weapons Systems Fall or Spring
EW370/410/412 Control Systems Laboratory Fall or Spring
EE301/EE331 Electrical Fund./Elec Eng I Fall or Spring
Mathematics & Science
SC111 Foundations of Chemistry I Fall
SC112/151 Foundations of Chemistry II OR Modern Chemistry Fall or Spring
SM121 Calculus I Fall
SM122 Calculus II Spring
SM221/223 Calculus III Fall
SM2XY Math IV (Determined by Major) Spring
SP211/221 General Physics I Fall
SP212 General Physics II Spring
SY110 Introduction to Cyber Security Fall or Spring
Humanities & Social Sciences
HE111 Rhetoric and Intro to Literature I Fall
HE112 Rhetoric and Intro to Literature II Spring
HH104 American Naval History Fall or Spring
HH215 The Premodern World Fall or Spring
HH216 The West in the Modern World Fall or Spring
FP130 US Government and Constitutional Development Fall or Spring
HUM/SS Elective 1 A HUM/SS elective at or above the 200-level** Fall or Spring
HUM/SS Elective 2 HUM/SS elective at or above the 300-level** Fall or Spring
Language Courses*** Four (4) semesters of a language*** Fall or Spring
Leadership Education & Development
NL110 Preparing to Lead Fall or Spring
NE203 Ethics and Moral Reasoning Fall or Spring
NL310 Leadership Theory and Applications Fall or Spring
NL400 Law for the Junior Officer Fall
Seamanship & Navigation
NS101 Fundamentals of Seamanship Fall or Spring


Basic Navigation Fall or Spring


Navigation and Piloting Fall or Spring
NN310 Advanced Navigation Fall or Spring
NS384/NS300 Maritime Warfare Fall or Spring****
NS43X Junior Officer Practicum Spring

* Selection of major may result in some core courses being replaced by courses required for the major and may shift the schedule.

** Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian language courses taken at the 100-level may fulfill HUM/SS requirements for STEM majors.

*** Non-language, non-STEM humanities or social science majors are required to take or validate four semesters of a foreign language.

****Replacing NN310 

The USNA Course Validation Policy is available at:

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