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Severn river view of the Academy

Academic Facilities

Who Schedules Which Rooms?
Building Czars and Department Schedulers

Space Categories Used for Instruction and Their Meanings

USNA Building Abbreviations

Building Abbreviation Departmental Offices
Larson Hall (formerly the Administration Building) AD Superintendent, Public Affairs
Alumni Hall AL Music
Bancroft Hall BA Commandant
Chauvenet Hall CH Mathematics, Oceanography, Physics
Halligan Hall HA Human Resources, Public Works
Halsey Field House FH Physical Education
Hendrix Oceanography Laboratory HX Oceanography
Hubbard Hall HU Crew
Leahy Hall LE Superintendent
Lejeune Hall LJ Admissions, Physical Education
Levy Center LC Academic Center
Luce Hall LU SeaNav, LEL, Ethics Center, Professional Programs
Macdonough Hall MD Physical Education
Mahan Hall MA
Maury Hall MU Electrical Engineering,  Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering 
Michelson Hall MI Chemistry, Computer Science
Nimitz Library NI Academic Dean, Registrar, Library
Preble Hall PR Museum Staff
Ricketts Hall RK Physical Education
Rickover Hall RI Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Robert Crown Sailing Center SC Sailing
Sampson Hall SA English, History
Tennis Center TC Physical Education
Ward Hall WA Information Technology Service Center
Warner Soccer Center WR Physical Education
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