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Aerial Photo of the Yard

Office of Provost Personnel

Dr. Samara L. Firebaugh

Executive Assistant (EA)
Capt Michaela Connally, USMC

Vice Provost 
Dr. Daniel W. O'Sullivan

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (APAA)
Dr. Bradley E. Bishop 

Associate Provost for Finance and Military Affairs (APFMA)
Captain John M. Freymann, USN (Ret)

Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment (APPA)
Dr. Katherine A. Cermak

Office of the Provost Support Staff

  • Administrative Staff
    • Ms. Toni Vance, Educational Technician
    • Ms. Haley Whitman, Educational Technician
  • Budget Staff
    • Ms. Millie Pierce, Provost Budget Office
  • Human Resources Staff
    • Ms. Karin Ventresca, Human Resources Specialist
    • Ms. Jamie Ruggiero, Human Resources Specialist

Organization Charts

Contact Information

Office of the Provost
United States Naval Academy
Nimitz Library, Mail Stop 10g
589 McNair Road
Annapolis MD 21402

Phone: 410-293-1584 (DSN: 281-1584)
Fax: 410-293-3735


The office of the Provost is located to the right of the main entry area of Nimitz.

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