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Deans, Division Directors & Department Chairs

Position Name Rank Mail Stop extn* ename**
Academic Dean & Provost Phillips, Andrew T. Prof 10g 1583 aphillip
Vice Academic Dean Waite, Boyd A. Prof 10g 1582 waite
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Waters, Jennifer K. Prof 10g 1581 jwaters
Associate Dean for Finance and Military Affairs Nardi, Peter A. CAPT, USN (Ret) 10g 1585 nardi
Associate Dean for Planning and Assessment Cermak, Katherine Dr. 10g 1579 cermak
Librarian Rettig, James Mr. 10a 6903 rettig
Registrar Davis, Christopher A. Dr. 10k 6381 cdavis
Center for Academic Excellence Director Bukowski, Bruce Dr. 6c 2934 bukowski
Center for Regional Studies Director Reese, Mark Mr. 10e 2290 reese
International Programs Director Disher, Tim CDR, USN (Ret) 13f 2981 disher
Teaching and Learning Director Goodman, Rae Jean Prof 10d 2506 goodman
Research and Scholarship Director Malek-Madani, Reza Prof 10m 2504 rmm
Naval Academy Museum Director Berube, Claude LCDR, USNR (Ret) 15c 2108 berube
Academic Advising Director Schmitt, Pamela Prof 10d 6888 pschmitt
Division of Engineering and Weapons
Division Director Bitting, Jay CAPT, USN 11c 6311 jbitting 
Deputy Division Director Hurni, Michael CDR, USN 11c 6312 hurni
Senior Professor O'Brien, Richard Prof 11c 6315 riobrien
Aerospace Engineering Chair Hallberg, Eric Prof of Practice 11b 6401 hallber
Electrical & Computer Engineering Chair Firebaugh, Samara Prof 14b 6152 firebaug
Mechanical Engineering Chair Flack, Karen Prof 11c 6501 flack
Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Chair Kriebel, David L. Prof 11d 6421 kriebel
Weapons & Systems Engineering Chair Bishop, Bradley Prof 14a 6103 bishop
Division of Mathematics and Science
Division Director Packer, Dan CAPT, USN 9a 6332 packer
Deputy Division Director McGrath, Richard CDR, USN 9a 6331 rmcgrath
Senior Professor D'Archangelo, James Prof 9e 6321 jmd
Chemistry Chair O'Sullivan, Daniel Prof 9b 6606 osulliva
Computer Science Chair Bilzor, Mike CDR, USN 9f 6801 bilzor
Cyber Science Chair Tortora, Paul CAPT, USN 9f 0933 tortora
Mathematics Chair Traves, William Prof 9e 6702 traves
Oceanography Chair Petruncio, Emil CAPT, USN & Asst Prof 9d 6563 petrunci
Physics Chair Edmondson, Chuck Prof 9c 6651 edmond
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences
Division Director Aytes, Jon Col, USMC 12a 6301 aytes
Deputy Division Director Mhley, Mark CDR, USN 12a 6303 mhley
Senior Professor Zotti, Priscilla Prof 12c 6302 zotti
Economics Chair Swope, Kurtis Prof 10d 6894 swope
English Chair McWilliams, Mark Prof 12b 6201 mcwillia
History Chair Felker, C.C. CAPT, USN 12c 6253 felker
Languages & Cultures Chair Vacant 10c 6351
Political Science Chair Testerman, Matt CDR, USN 10e 6851 testerma
Division of Professional Development
Division Director Cruz, Adan CDR, USN 7a 6002 cruz
Deputy Division Director Farrell, BJ LCDR, USN 7a 6003 bfarrell
Naval Academy Sailing  Spanheimer, Les CDR, USN 5a 5601 spanhell
Seamanship & Navigation Chair Frantzen, Joey CDR, USN 8c 6095 frantzen
Officer Accessions and Career Information Factor, Doug CDR, USN 7e 6591 factor
Waterfront Readiness  Barrios, Victor CDR, USN 23a 9009 barrios
Division of Leadership Education and Development
Division Director Huey, Wesley CAPT, USN 7b 6010 huey
Senior Professor Johnson, Brad Prof 7b 6545 johnsonb
Leadership, Ethics & Law Chair Mullaney, Kevin CDR, USN 7b 6017 mullaney
Division of Character Development and Training
Division Director Vassilakis, George CAPT, USN 3n 1901 vassilak
Honor Officer Reinhart, Brian CDR, USN 3n 1903 reinhart
Training Officer Dantone, Jay CDR, USN 3n 1904 dantone
Physical Education Department
Director Virgets, Thomas Dr. 4a 5830 virgets
* Telephone:  410-293-extn (commercial)  or  281-extn  (DSN)
**  Email address:
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