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USNA Course Validation Information

Course validation allows a midshipman to earn graduation credit for college-level work completed while not at USNA.  There are many opportunities for midshipmen to earn validation credit for USNA courses - see our Course Validation Policy page for additional detailed information.

Advantages of Course Validations

Some of the advantages of validating one or more courses include:

  • The ability to have a lighter academic load in one or more future semester(s)
  • The ability to take additional courses without overloading or taking summer school
  • The ability to earn a second major or a language minor
  • Access to VGEP, Trident Scholar Program, Medical/Dental School
  • Insurance against medical, physical, emotional problems, or course failure
  • Avoiding "boredom" in courses that are too easy

Potential Questions and Concerns About Validations

  • Sometimes midshipmen may think "Plebe year (and beyond) is demanding; why not redo familiar work and get an easy grade?" Unfortunately, many times when a midshipman opts for what appears to be an "easy route," boredom and disinterest may actually lead to a much lower grade than expected. 
  • Sometimes a midshipman may be concerned about "being in over his/her head;" and/or perhaps validation was achieved without a solid foundation or perhaps the prerequisite course was taken a while ago.  In these cases, it may be best to not take the validation.  Note that faculty advisers are always available to help provide guidance for a midshipman who may be unsure of his or her level of preparedness for a follow-on course.
  • For other validation questions, a midshipman may see the relevant department, his/her academic adviser and/or senior adviser(s).
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