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Junior Permanent Military Professor (JPMP) / Permanent Military Instructor (PMI)

PMI Program Board Announcement NAVADMINs

All Board Announcements from FY-20 and FY-21 were made directly on Navy Personnel Command's Permanent Military Instructor page. Recommend viewing through your My Navy Portal. For questions regarding this year's announcement, contact PERS-443B

Previous Boards:  

FY-19 NAVADMIN 198/18 (released 14AUG2018)
FY-18 NAVADMIN 212/17 (released 30AUG2017)
FY-17 NAVADMIN 163/16 (released 21JUL2016 as “FY-18” board announcement)
FY-16 NAVADMIN 171/15 (released 22JUL2015 as “FY-17” board announcement)
FY-15 NAVADMIN 174/14 (released 04AUG2014 as “FY-16” board announcement)
FY-14 NAVADMIN 235/13 (released 16SEP2013 as “FY-15” board announcement)
FY-13 NAVADMIN 269/12 (released 04SEP2012 as “FY-14” board announcement)
FY-12 NAVADMIN 195/11 (released 06JUL2011)
FY-11 NAVADMIN 242/10 (released 19JUL2010)
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