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Junior Permanent Military Professor (JPMP) / Permanent Military Instructor (PMI)

JPMP/PMI Department POCs

Division of Engineering and Weapons
Aerospace Engineering CDR Mike Sanders
Electrical & Computer Engineering LCDR Brian Schaus
Mechanical Engineering LCDR Andria Jones
Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering LCDR Dave Farrell
Weapons, Robotics, & Control Engineering LCDR Jerry Pittman
Division of Mathematics & Science
Chemistry CDR Dave Durkin
Computer Science LCDR Justin Downs
Cyber Science LCDR Yasmin Odunukwe
Mathematics LCDR Kai Seglem
Oceanography CAPT Shawn Gallaher
Physics LCDR Dawn Meyer
Division of Humanities & Social Sciences
Economics LCDR Chris Manning
English LCDR Phil Garrow
History LCDR Sara Pulliam
Languages & Cultures CDR Ben Martin
Political Science LCDR Ross Conley
Department of Leadership, Ethics, & Law LCDR Tom Van Dam
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