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Midshipmen Science

Majors Selection

Midshipmen begin their first year of study at the Naval Academy without a defined major designation. During the fall semester through the beginning of the spring semester, of their first year (4/C or "plebe" year), midshipmen meet with academic advisers and have many opportunities to learn more about our majors through briefings, open houses, and more. Majors selection then occurs at about the mid-point of the spring semester of this first year.

The following are the majors from which midshipmen may select:

Engineering Majors

  • EAS: Aerospace Engineering
  • ECE: Computer Engineering
  • EEE: Electrical Engineering
  • EME: Mechanical Engineering
  • ENM*: Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • ENR: Nuclear Engineering
  • EOE*: Ocean Engineering
  • ERC*: Robotics And Control Engineering

Math & Science Majors

  • SCH: Chemistry
  • SCS: Computer Science
  • SCY: Cyber Operations
  • SDS: Data Science
  • SGS: General Science
  • SMA*: Mathematics
  • SME: Mathematics with Economics
  • SMO*: Operations Research
  • SOC*: Oceanography
  • SPH*: Physics

Humanities & Social Science Majors

  • FAS: Foreign Area Studies
  • FLA: Arabic
  • FLC: Chinese
  • FPS*: Political Science
  • FQE*: Quantitative Economics
  • HEG*: English
  • HHS*: History

* = honors program available

While the majority of midshipmen will be assigned their first choice for their majors, the needs of the Naval Service take precedence. For the Naval Academy Class of 2013 and beyond, at least 65% of those graduates commissioned into the U.S. Navy must complete academic majors in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics disciplines. This institutional requirement applies as well to NROTC programs at other colleges. At the end of plebe year, midshipmen choose a major course of study with counsel from academic and military advisors.

Some of these areas offer additional specialization within the major. For example, the aerospace engineering major has tracks in aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering reflecting the Navy’s interest in atmospheric and spatial flight. Minors in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Arabic and Chinese are offered to those who complete four advanced courses in one of these languages while at the Academy.

Upon graduation, a Bachelor of Science degree is awarded regardless of major, by law, due to the technical content of the core curriculum. Those in the top 10 percent of their class graduate with distinction. Those who have completed special honors programs in one of the selected majors graduate with honors.

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